As we approach the end of November 2017, this mean Christmas is fast approaching, yes December 25, is less than 1 month away now, and this is the perfect time to consider the security arrangements for our Business Premises, especially for ones who have a Bricks and Mortar type business and not a home Business.

One thing to consider, if what time frame over Christmas/ New Year period is your Business going to be closed, or have limited Staff at the premises, and you may consider arranging for Security Patrols to check your premises during this time, which may give you peace of mind if you are not in all the time.

Ensure computers and other electronic/valuable items are not near a window which can be broken and something taken out the window with out entering the building.

It is time to clean up outside the building, ensure there are not lose pavers, bricks etc which can be thrown through your windows and allow for easier access. Clean up trees etc, and ensure people can see your doors, and windows from the road where possible, which people going past maybe see people trying to break into your premises.

Checks your locks to ensure they work properly and are adequate for what you require.

Now we have assessed our security and trying to work out what is the best form of protection for our business, and like anything there is no one answer for this, a range of security measures should be used to protect your premises.

Security Alarm System-  sometimes may act as a deterrent to possible offenders if your premises has an alarm in the building, and the neighboring businesses don’t have a security alarm system, therefore potential offenders will go next door. Alarm systems are great for telling the police and also the insurance company on what time a break in occurred and therefore helps with their investigation. They also help you know when the first goes in and the last person leaves, or the cleaners enter the premises if you have any.

CCTV – Closed Circuit TV – better known to the community as security camera’s, are useful for Police Investigations and are more useful after the break in occurs. For example you might get a good picture of what the possible offender looks like, it might also demonstrate how they actually got in and how much effort it took them, it may show a get away vehicle, or bike.   A couple of main issues with using camera’s, is the cameras are poor quality, and don’t take good pictures during the night time which is often when a break in occurs, but also they are placed too high and the picture is poor quality, if installing camera’s please ensure they are placed in the right place.

Roller Shutters–  May or may not be allowed by your council, so always check with any by-laws which might be in place. They can be expensive, however they will protect windows e.g. someone smashing a window and climbing in, or smashing a window and grabbing a computer if one is close to the window… Broken windows can be a easier access for potential offenders.

Padlocks –   Padlocks on gates and entry points, can be a easy way to gain access to the premises as the padlock can be cut- however there are padlocks which are available where they cant be cut therefore making access difficult for potential offenders. Speak with a locksmith for a adequate padlock for your solutions.


Hopefully the above gives you some insight into some of the security requirements for a business, also remember roofs, manholes etc and how are they protected. The other positive in doing all your can with your security arrangements if your insurance provider may offer some sort of Discount for your annual premiums.

Your Security arrangements should be included in part of any of your Risk assessments for your Business.